George K. Yiapanas

Football in Cyprus cannot transform unless we first change our mindset: We are lagging behind in football culture, determination and knowledge
Published: Politis newspaper - 07 September 2019

Dependences and challenges of the Cypriot football teams based on the UEFA benchmarking
Published: Politis newspaper - 03 February 2019

Football grounds management: Myths and realities
Published: Politis newspaper - 23 December 2018

The fans turned their backs to football: Ways to reverse the situation
Published: Politis newspaper - 09 December 2018

The role of football Marketing: Actions and activities
Published: Politis newspaper - 04 August 2018

Cyprus football industry: Is the development of football a feasible target or not?
Published: Politis newspaper - 08 July 2018

Banning the away fans in football: Solution to the problem or downgrading the sport
Published: Phileleftheros newspaper - 16 December 2017

Measures and half measures on sports grounds safety - It is necessary to create and implement a national strategic framework
Published: Phileleftheros newspaper - 04 November 2017

Sports Grounds Safety: The trinity of safety, security and service
Published: Phileleftheros newspaper - 10 December 2016

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