GKY Sports Management

Creating as much value as possible for stakeholders

The 21st Century is one of “Managing for Stakeholders”.

The task is to create as much value as possible for stakeholders without resorting to tradeoffs.

What we do

GKY is a sports consultancy for events; from logistics and planning to executing and everything in-between. Our service-offerings cover all aspects of event and sport-related business. We examine the changing sporting environment and help you develop different approaches by assessing your strategic options.


Event management

Stadium safety management

Facilities and stadium management

Training and development

Stadium safety management

Ideation for sponsorship

Event media management

Marketing and media

Strategic framework development

Project management

Event management

We heavily rely on the value co-creation concept in order to satisfy the needs of our customers. In sports, the event is the platform that many stakeholders employ to satisfy their needs, enabling many stakeholders to interact, engage and ultimately co-create value.

Value is created only when stakeholders contribute to the event, it is produced through engagement, and it comes in different forms. It arises from specific needs therefore the value creation concept relies on the fact that our clients satisfy the desired needs, interests and preferences of their stakeholders, and in return, stakeholders satisfy their needs. 

What we believe and what moves us 
Our purpose 
Sharing the same values and aligning interests with stakeholders
is like putting together a partnership where in the end every party wins
George K. Yiapanas

George Yiapanas is the founder and owner of GKY Sports Management. He is the Finance Manager of GSP Stadium in Nicosia, CY, with more than twenty years of experience in the sports industry.