George K. Yiapanas

Funded research portfolio
Creative learning for boosting bio-economy within HEIs curricula [CL4BIO]

Reference number: 2022-1-PL01-KA220-HED-000087008

Project start date: 01.11.2022

Project end date: 31.10.2025

Duration: 36 months 

Field: Higher education

Project budget: 400.000 EUR

Role: Team member - Researcher


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Rejected proposals

The impact of crypto assets on the European football ecosystem [ACCRUE]

Call: Internal Security Fund (ISF)


Submitted: August 2022

Duration: 24 months 

Project budget: 983.512 EUR

Role: Principal Investigator

Proposals under evaluation

Tackling the mental health stigma in youth football [TEAM]


Submitted: March 2023

Duration: 30 months 

Project budget: 400.000 EUR

Role: Senior expert/advisor/researcher

Ongoing projects

Partnership composition: 

  • Szkola Glowna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego - Poland, Warszawa
  • Universita Degli Studi Di Foggia - Italy, Foggia
  • Universidade De Aveiro - Portugal, Aveiro
  • University of Nicosia - Cyprus, Nicosia
  • ValueDo S.r.l. - Italy, Firenze

Project objectives:

The project aims at providing academic teachers with skills and instruments for innovative and creative teaching, thus developing excellence in innovative and / or online pedagogical approaches, including transdisciplinary approaches, new curriculum development methods, providing and assessing linking education with research and innovation. Increasing teaching competences will allow better and more effective education of students in the bioeconomy, which is necessary to answer market demand.

Partnership composition: 

  • University of Nicosia - Cyprus
  • GDA Sports Ltd - Cyprus
  • University G. d'Annuzzio of Chietti and Pescara - Italy
  • RED Deporte - Spain
  • University of Thessaly - Greece
  • Cyprus Football Association - Cyprus

Partnership composition: 

  • RTD Talos Ltd - Cyprus
  • University of Nicosia - Cyprus
  • Eurocrime - Research, Training and Consulting S.r.l - Italy
  • LUNEX University - International University of Health, Exercise and Sports SA - Luxembourg
  • TrustInCoins - Association Internationale pour la Transparence des Monnaies Alternatives - Luxembourg
  • Pancyprian Footballers Accosiation - Cyprus
  • Panhellenic Professional Football Players Association - Greece
  • Apollon Football (Public) Ltd - Cyprus

Project aim:

TEAM aims to conduct evidence-based research amongst youth football on the challenges and effects of mental health and the need for mental well-being. The project will identify and map the general mental health issues/symptoms in youth football, and track and comprehend the level of awareness and knowledge of youth football players and staff in recognising and responding to mental health issues/symptoms. TEAM will introduce a Handbook to raise awareness, provide insights, and introduce good practices to the youth football stakeholders, practitioners, and policy-makers on how to recognize, respond and tackle youth mental health stigma

Project aim:

ACCRUE was aiming to examine and assess the impact of crypto assets on football fans and players and formulate recommendations for better engagement, introducing a framework of good practices and creating awareness, including informative tools for understanding the effects. The project’s objective was to identify and map the possible risks of corruption and support anti-corruption actions by reinforcing awareness in society and across the industry’s fan community. ACCRUE was aiming to provide a European added value with broad EU relevance, targeting all 55 European members of the UEFA. Its findings would involve a variety of stakeholders (i.e., citizens, private sector, national authorities, European and international level authorities).

Enhancing the sustainability of cycle-based tourism  [Re.Cycling]


Submitted: October 2024

Duration: 18 months 

Project budget: 399.324 EUR

Role: Senior researcher

Partnership composition: 

  • University of Nicosia - Cyprus
  • Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution - Lithuania
  • Leafnet Ltd - Cyprus
  • Golazo Sports - Belgium
  • CK Agency  - Greece
  • Centro Italiano Opere Femminili Salesiane (CIOFS) - Italy
  • Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative - Cyprus

Project aim:

Re.Cycling is a ground-breaking initiative that aims to give a comprehensive metric tool for measuring the social, economic, and environmental benefits of cycling activities. Its primary goal is to provide a powerful tool to both responsible cyclists and local communities for improving the positive effects of cycling tourism and events while limiting any potential negative consequences. The project highlights the growing popularity of cycling as a sustainable and environmentally friendly mode of transportation and recreation. It also recognizes that major cycling events, such as races and tours, can have a wide range of consequences on the towns and areas through which they cycle.