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Netcast E209: Improving the football product in Cyprus

01 November 2021

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Netcast E176: Sports Management - Football in Cyprus

30 June 2021 


Sport Debate E11: Sports grounds and sports events management 10 December 2016


Watch my podcast episodes [in Greek], on various topics related to sports management. Together with professional hosts and distinguished quests we discuss and analyse facts and issues related to football and sports management in general.

Media interviews


Sport FM radio on How the war in Ukraine affects the global sports ecosystem and football in Cyprus (15 min) - March 2022

Sport FM radio on How the Covid19 pandemic affects football events management in Cyprus (20 min) - January 2022

Politis radio on Recommendations to improve the football product and its value, in Cyprus [Presenting primary data from my PhD thesis] (25 min) - November 2021

Sport FM radio on Football industry in Cyprus - Current situation, solutions and challenges (20 min) - January 2020

Radio Astra on Football violence in Cyprus - The current legislation and possible improvement measures (2 hrs) - January 2018
Sport FM radio on Football disorder incidents in Cyprus - Current legislation, actions and suggestions (20 min) - January 2018
Active radio on Sports grounds safety management - Evaluating the current situation in Cyprus and suggesting actions for improvement (35 min) - October 2017

Host: Johny Tran

Guest: Marios Christodoulou │ Former Operations Manager - APOEL FC

Host: Johny Tran

Host: Andreas Themistocleous

Guest: Phivos Constantinides │ General Manager - GSP Stadium

The portal on Football stadium branding development (5 min) - June 2017
Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation on Sports grounds safety management (10 min) - March 2016


Sportive Magazine, on The development of squash in Cyprus - May 2011

Host: Herodotos Miltiadous

Politis radio: Recommendations to improve the football product and its value, in Cyprus [Presenting primary data from my PhD thesis]

19 November 2021


Netcast E240: Football in Cyprus & NFTs

18 February 2022

Host: Johny Tran

Newspaper articles [in greek]
Football in Cyprus cannot transform unless we first change our mindset: We are lagging behind in football culture, determination and knowledge
Published: Politis newspaper - 07 September 2019
Dependences and challenges of the Cypriot football teams based on the UEFA benchmarking
Published: Politis newspaper - 03 February 2019
Football grounds management: Myths and realities
Published: Politis newspaper - 23 December 2018
The fans turned their backs to football: Ways to reverse the situation
Published: Politis newspaper - 09 December 2018
The role of football Marketing: Actions and activities
Published: Politis newspaper - 04 August 2018
Cyprus football industry: Is the development of football a feasible target or not?
Published: Politis newspaper - 08 July 2018
Banning the away fans in football: Solution to the problem or downgrading the sport

Published: Phileleftheros newspaper - 16 December 2017

Measures and half measures on sports grounds safety - It is necessary to create and implement a national strategic framework
Published: Phileleftheros newspaper - 04 November 2017
Sports Grounds Safety: The trinity of safety, security and service
Published: Phileleftheros newspaper - 10 December 2016

Netcast E397: Football industry in Cyprus

26 January 2024

Host: Johny Tran