George K. Yiapanas

Industry experience

Organisation type: Private sector │ Non-profit organisation │ Sports industry

Organisation size: 15-20 employees

Main assignments: Providing and Interpreting financial information | Predicting future trends | Monitoring and interpreting cash flows | Formulating strategic business plans | Researching and reporting on factors influencing business performance | Developing financial management mechanisms that minimize financial risk | Managing financial accounting | Monitoring and reporting systems | Producing accurate financial reports to specific deadlines | Preparation and supervision of annual budget | Payroll | VAT control | Keeping abreast of changes in financial regulations and legislation | Internal control and audit | Monitoring business performance | Risk analysis | Receipts, payments and cash flow monitoring | Raising of funds | Strategic and profit planning

Events organised: Football games │ Outdoor concerts and events │ Athletics events │ Conferences │ Seminars and corporate events

Other tasks: Advertising and sponsorship | UEFA Media and TV facilities management | Event planning and management | Safety management

Highlights: Enhanced profitability introducing new methods and models to reduce costs - Re-organised all financial elements to survive throughout the Cyprus economic crisis of 2013, managing to reduce costs by 20% and minimise further financial risks  - Negotiated and agreed, as a committee member, the financial terms of the revised contract with APOEL FC and Omonia FC, in 2015 and in 2021, maintaining stability and establishing continuity for the organisation - Improved corporate image and raised brand awareness with the usage of various marketing and social media tools - Overviewed the project budget of € 3.5 M for the construction of the accommodation facility centre - Prepared the business plan and the feasibility study, prior the decision of signing a franchise agreement with Liverpool Football Club for the launch of the International Football Academy in Cyprus. The Academy officially launched in May 2018

Other position: Deputy Safety Manager - GSP Stadium and Sports Centre, Nicosia, Cyprus

Tasks: Stewards training and coaching | Ground safety management | Crowd control | Emergencies and evacuation | Customers communication and crowds | Control and communication | Ground licensing | Regulatory compliance | Liaising with stakeholders | Risk analysis | Implementing safety policies | Staff performance supervision | Formulating strategic plans | Staffing | Safety audit | Keeping records | Ticketing | Safety plans evaluation

Highlights: Structured a fully operational stewarding system for GSP Stadium, in compliance with the Sports Violence Act of 2012 - Raised stadium safety by launching a fully integrated electronic access system (ticketing, access system and CCTV) in response to the UEFA regulations and requirements, of a total cost of € 1.2 M

Other position: Media operations - GSP Stadium and Sports Centre, Nicosia, Cyprus

Tasks: Liaise with clubs │ Press conference and interviews planning │ Media communication and coordination │ Implementation of UEFA regulations │ Official documentation to UEFA │ Media facilities management and event management │ TV Production facilities management 

Highlights: Head of media operations for the UEFA Champions League Quarterfinal game of APOEL FC vs. Real Madrid - March 2012 - Developed efficient communication methods, and structured all necessary procedures to facilitate the media representatives in compliance to the UEFA media regulations 

Position: Accountant Assistant
Organisation: Geo. Pavlides Automotive, Nicosia, Cyprus
Period: September 1998 to October 2000

Position: Finance Manager
Organisation: GSP Stadium and Sports Centre, Nicosia, Cyprus

Period: October 2000 to present

Organisation type: Private sector │ Automotive industry

Organisation size: 80-100 employees

Main assignments: Book-keeping | Debtors and Creditors control | Costing | Financial statements | Internal audit reports | Financial reports | Receipts, payments, and cash flow monitoring

Highlights: Evaluated the company’s new integrated accounting software - Introduced a computerised financial reporting system