George K. Yiapanas

Sports facilities management

A significant focus for facility management is to make sure an existing facility runs smoothly and safe for its intended purpose. Facility management involves a broad range of disciplines and it entails every aspect of making sure a building is operating efficiently in terms of safety, revenue production, tenant satisfaction, and preventive maintenance. 

George Yiapanas on Sports facilities management

George is the Finance Manager of GSP Stadium in Nicosia, CY, with more than twenty [20] years of experience in the sports industry. He is also the founder and owner of GKY Sports Management, a sports consultancy agency. He is further a qualified stadium safety manager and a certified trainer for stadium stewards by the UEFA stadium and Security Unit.

His long experience in the industry, and especially in sports facility management, make him one of the most expert on this topic. His involvement in the field and specifically in a modern football stadium and sports center with the parallel operation of football and athletics academies, enable him to know all aspects of sports facilities management. He has been invited by various bodies and institutions to talk about this topic, and to present his own experiences.

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