George K. Yiapanas

Sports Safety Management

An effective sports safety management plan depends on an ongoing risk assessment and managers must continuously supervise, control and practice all forces and technology systems, separately and together, in order to build an integrated operational readiness and successfully organise such multi-complex events, preserving at the same time the balance between the safety management elements.

A safe environment creates value and the success of the football business counts on how well fans are treated and how comfortable and safe they feel at every stage of the event-flow. Only when managers truly understand the value that fans find in sports and the needs they satisfy through these values can they consider the business successful.

Fans need to live the experience the event in its wholeness and if they enjoy it, most probably they will revisit the venue, support their team and spend more money

George Yiapanas on Sports Safety Management

To say that he approached the topic utilising his broad experienced in the field, in combination with his studies and extensive research.

In 2016, he authored a book on Sports Grounds Safety Management. This is the first book of its kind to be published in Greek, based on the procedures followed in accordance with the Legislation in Cyprus, and the directives of FIFA and UEFA aiming at the safe organisation of sporting events.

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He also published a number of papers on sports safety management and issued a variety of guides, handbooks and training manuals on this topic. His recent publication titled "An integrated, multi-agency, consumer-focused, safety management approach in the sports industry" theoretically recognises the generic football safety management guidelines, procedures, models and concepts introduced by the Council of Europe and proposed to every member country as a strategic management tool, in an effort to minimise hooliganism, and recover the business value. In addition, the specific paper identifies and decodes the key actions taken by the authorities in Cyprus as a response to football hooliganism, in order to draw critical lessons.